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Why use Fox Dialer?

Fox Dialer offers a variety of solutions for making international calls. Depending on the account type chosen, you and your family can benefit of best rates at great quality. Please see below a list of benefits that Fox Dialer has available.

   1. No monthly fees - Fox Dialer does not charge any type of monthly fees. You only pay for what you use.
   2. No connection fees - Fox Dialer does not have any kind of connection fees on any of its products.
   3. No Switching - to use Fox Dialer you do not need to switch from your current provider. Simply Sign Up with us and start saving on your calls.
   4. 30 minutes free - 30 Minutes Free to your favorite destination. 30 minutes Free available for landlines only. If free minutes chosen for cell phones, then only 15 minutes free apply.
   5. 5% off for any recharge on Prepaid - Get 5% off when signing up for the Prepaid service.
   6. Monthly detailed bill - For postpaid customers, Fox Dialer will send a detailed bill, including call details, every month. All accounts receive the invoices by mail, but you can opt out and receive the invoice by email.
   7. Get $10 for each referral - Fox Dialer rewards you for referring your friends to us. Tell your friends about Fox Dialer great features and rates; if they choose to open an account with Fox Dialer, we will fill your account with a credit of $10 which will help you save on your bills. Please note that the $10 referral credit applies only if your friend talks more than $20 in the first 30 days since activation.
   8. Local Access Numbers - Save up to 27% on your bills by dialing a local access number instead of a toll-free number! With the local access number facility we help most of our customers save on their international calls.
  9. Online account management (postpaid) - Fox Dialer offers the account online management system for all the Postpaid customers. You can access your account online to view your last three bills, make payments on your account and many more.
  10. Pinless Dialing - Fox Dialer offers the convenience of pinless dialing. Register as many phone numbers you need on your account, Fox Dialer has no limit*. When making calls from these registered numbers, all you have to do is dial your access number and then your destination number and Fox Dialer will connect your call. *Feature available only for postpaid customers. Prepaid customers can register only up to 6 phone numbers.
  11. Automatic payment - Fox Dialer Postpaid service offers the option of automatic payment on your account. All you have to do is authorize one of your credit cards registered on your account to be charged automatically for the amount due on the last bill issued. Fox Dialer charges the credit cards automatically between the 5th and 10th of every month.
  12. Automatic recharge - Fox Dialer Prepaid service is rechargeable, so you can set up automatic recharge on your account anytime. The automatic recharge option allows you to determine the specified amount that your Fox Dialer account is recharged when your balance drops below your recharge level.

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